International Business College

The International Business College currently has more than 2600 students, more than 100 teaching staffs. It has set up specialties like International Economics and Trade, Law (International Economic Law); Economics (International Finance); Economics (International Logistics); Marketing; and has two Master Stations such as Socioeconomics, Western Economics with 9 tutors for doctoral students and graduate students.

The college has a high-educational-level teacher group with high teaching level, strong foreign language ability, rich professional and practical background, the specialized foreign teachers are sent by Fort Hays State University, and the linguistic foreign teachers and specialized foreign teachers have occupied a quarter of the whole teaching group. The Chinese teacher that bearing the above master degrees, doctors and doctors on study have taken up a half of the teaching group, and the returned students from abroad have taken up a half of the teaching group. The teachers have successively published over 210 science articles; 19 science writings, holding 18 national, provincial grade and landscape cooperative subjects; have been awarded 34 items of science prizes; more than 20 achievements were recalled by “Copy Materials of the National People's Congress” and adopted by practical departments.

At present, the college has two kinds of recruiting methods; one is recruiting students may enter the second division school through National College Entrance Examination (See the recruiting summary of all provinces in detail), students may choose to study for Chinese degree or Chinese & American degree, another one is self-recruiting, the college may autonomously choose the subject of examination, autonomously hold the exams, autonomously recruit students, and students under such condition can only study for the American degree.

The college has built a teaching building with 220,000 square kilometers, in which there are phonic laboratory, computer laboratory, E-commerce laboratory, simulative court, simulative business negotiation room, simulative futures and bonds exchange room etc. modern teaching and experimental facilities, and built 25 teaching practice and probating base, provide good conditions and guarantee for students’ study.

Both the Chinese and American Parties adopt bilateral credits-recognized cooperative style, and enable Chinese students to get two bachelor degrees of both Chinese and American Universities in native land through the mode of “4+0”, or adopt the mode of “2+1+1”, under which students study in domestic university for two years, and go to American university and study for one year, then return and study for 1 year, then obtain two degrees of both American and Chinese universities. In the year of 2005 and 2006, there has been a part of the students successfully got the visa who have been studying in American at the moment. The college aims at training pioneer, practical, comprehensive, international type high-grade professional talents in Economics, Foreign Trade, Law and Management with excellent foreign languages, new specialized knowledge, strong innovating and practical abilities through bringing them in line with international practices.