College of Educational Science

College of Educational Science is one of the longest-established departments of Shenyang Normal University, and its predecessor is the Educational Research Office established in 1953 and was changed into College of Educational Science formally in April 2003. There are eight scientific research institutions like Pedagogy Department, Psychology Department, Higher Education Institute, Institute of Northeastern Educational History, Psychological Institute of Study and Development, Institute of Occupational Education, Institute of Social Education, Research Center of Educational Policy and Regulation, Subject Development Center of Curriculum and Teaching Theory and Research Center of Psychological Health Education, and a library collecting about 26, 186 books and a computer room with complete facilities in the college.

College of Educational Science is the unit that obtains the master’s degree awarding power early and has the first-class subject master’s degree program in pedagogy. There are eight master’s degree programs, such as Theory of Curriculum and Teaching, Higher Pedagogy, Educational Economy and Management, Educational History, Applied Psychology, Principle of Pedagogy, Occupational Education and Comparative Education. There are two normal undergraduate specialties such as Pedagogy and Applied Psychology, 365 full-time undergraduates and 247 postgraduates.

College of Educational Science has a teacher team with high educational level, strong research capability, optimized structure of professional title and reasonable age structure. There are 45 teaching staffs, including 13 professors, 14 associate professors, 5 instructors, 13 assistant teachers and administrative staffs. 17 have doctor’s degree, and eight are the ones who are studying the doctor’s courses, which occupy 78.13% of the full-time professional teachers. Otherwise, the college employs more than 50 excellent experts and scholars as guest professors or part-time professors.

Relying on institute (center), the college has formed advantageous discipline with strong strength by integrating team. In recent three years, teachers of the college have taken charge of 56 scientific research topics, of which, 30 obtained the scientific research item prize, including 5 national-level awards and 14 provincial-level awards; have published 53 academic monographs, including 16 ones published by national-level press; and has published 217 scientific research papers, including 44 ones issued in A-class nuclear magazines. Otherwise, the college attaches importance to the academic exchange and cooperation with foreign key universities and scientific institutions, and has successively signed the agreement on jointly cultivating undergraduates and postgraduates with some universities of America, Canada, Belgium, Russia, Japan, etc. to conduct academic exchange and scientific research cooperation actively.