College of Music

College of Music of Shenyang Normal University (music department before) was built in 1996. In 1999, it recruited its undergraduate students for the first time. In Jul. 2000, it established departments independently, and in Jun. 2006, it established College of Music. In these ten years, College of Music adheres to the principle that “students foremost, the market demand for talents oriented”, it considers the students’ growth as its goal, refreshes its idea constantly, improve talents’ fostering mode, and establishes course system. During intensifying specialty and subject, with its high starting point, high speed, new idea, new mode and energy, it outstands with energy among the colleges with the same specialty in northeast.

There are two specialties including musicology and musical performance, musical performance specialty includes vocal music (including bell canto and folk singing), piano (including teaching), western orchestra music (including all the western musical instruments), specialty of popular music (including popular music singing, electronic chorus machine, electric guitar, electric bass, percussion music, saxophone performance, double-keyboard electronic organ), and specialty of conduction.

The building area of College of Music is 7896 square meters; it owns modern MIDI laboratory and recording studio with advanced facilities, electric piano class, and professional music hall. The complete modern educational facilities provide all the teachers and students with wide space to develop, which provides a strong material base of fostering high-quality music talents.

There are 481 full-time undergraduate students now, 61 professional teachers. College of Music has powerful team of teachers. After hard work these years, the school has employed many powerful and experienced experts from some professional teams home and from America. There are 13 famous professors, 15 associate professors, 12 lecturers, and some foreign teachers from Russia and other countries.