College of Maths and Systematic Science

The College of Math and Systematic Science is a secondary college with a comparatively long history and large dimension in Shenyang Normal University, its processor is the Math Department established in 1956, and it was renamed as College of Math and Systematic Science in April, 2003. At present, the college has set up three basic teaching organizations such as the department of Math and Applied Math, department of Information and Computer Science, department of Statistics, and thereby set up three under-graduate specialties such as Math and Applied Math, Information and Computer Science, Statistics. And set up three mastership authorization stations such as Applied Math, Operational Research and Cybernetics, Management Science and Engineer.

The college has a teaching group with appropriate structure, high educational level and strong research ability. There are 43 stuffs, and among the full-time teachers, there are 7 professors, 11 vice professors, 8 doctors, 7 doctors on study. There are 1145 full-time undergraduates and 131 postgraduates (including master of education) at school.

For the recent three years, the teachers in the college have carried out extensive science research on various subjects and areas such as Basic Math, Applied Math, Control Theory, Operational Research, Systems Engineering, Management Science, Statistics, Math Education etc. and gained plentiful research achievements: we have successively published more than one hundred articles on international and domestic science publications and science conferences that have significant effect, among which, more than 50 articles were recalled and included by SCI, EI; 3 writings were published; We’ve been undertaking more than 20 items of national grade and provincial grade science research projects, teaching reform projects, some of the which have awarded national and provincial grade prize, and we are undertaking a national natural science funds project at the moment.