College of Chemistry and Life Science

College of Chemistry and Life Science is just the former chemistry department and biology department, both the departments were combined and renamed to College of Chemistry and Life Science in April 2000. The college actively expands its professional fields and searches and finds out the growth point of new discipline when continually strengthens the connotation construction. At present, the college has 6 master’s degree programs in zoology, neurobiology, cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, analytical chemistry and applied chemistry, and 4 departments like chemistry, biology, environmental science and food science and engineering, including 6 undergraduate specialties like chemistry (normal), biological science (normal), applied chemistry, biotechnology, environmental science and food science and engineering. And there are 1246 full-time undergraduate students and 53 postgraduates. The rate of postgraduate-study admission was 24.6% and rate of doctor-study admission was 37.8% in 2006.

There are 72 teaching staffs including 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 25 professors (1 honor professor, 1 specially-appointed professor, 8 responsible professors, 3 backbone professors and 1 principal of discipline) and 25 associate professors. There are 63 full-time teachers, of which, 38 have doctor's degree (including the one who is studying the doctor’s courses), which occupies 60.3% of teachers.

Since 2002, teachers of the college have published more than 300 articles in the publications of state and province level or above, and more than 90 articles are retrieved by SCI and EI. And there are 8 published works, 22 patents and the teachers have undertaken 75 scientific research projects, of which, 5 items has successfully applied for the National Natural Science Foundation.