College of Tourism Management

College of Tourism Management was established in 1993, which is an earliest teaching unit that can cultivate the undergraduates of Tourism Management in Northeast China. The college is also a teaching unit that starts up the specialty of Exhibition Economy and Management earliest with the approval of the Ministry of Education in the North of our country.

The college consists of four departments such as Management of Tourism Enterprise, Tourism Planning, Exhibition Management and Foreign Language of Tourism and a Department of Higher Occupational Education, and has three teaching level such as postgraduate, undergraduate and higher occupational technology education. Postgraduate education has two master’s degree programs in tourism management and theory of curriculum and teaching and four directions such as tourism planning and development, tourism culture, management of tourism enterprise and tour marketing; Undergraduate education has three specialties and directions like tourism management, tourism management (tourism English) and exhibition economy and management; Higher occupational technology education establishes six specialties and directions like tourism management, hotel management, applied Korean (tourism Korean) and service and management of tea affairs, bar service and management and tourism English.

The college has independent multi-functional teaching building of its own with the building area of over 8,000 square meters, including 35 small, middle, big classrooms, which can simultaneously accommodate over 2,000 students. And there are such educational facilities as phonetic room, multi-media classroom, multi-functional complex tourism laboratory, imitated guest room and restaurant, beverage laboratory, tea art room and complex exhibition laboratory, etc.

The college has a teacher team with firm foundation, high level of scholarship and reasonable structure. And there are 53 full-time teachers, including 13 professors and associate professors, 14 teachers with senior professional title, two post doctors and 11 doctors. Meanwhile, there are also 21 specially-appointed and part-time teachers in the college.