Vocational and Technical College

Vocational and Technical College of Shenyang Normal University was built in Nov. 2000, approved by the provincial government. It is a second-grade college that is subordinate to Shenyang Normal University. The area of the school is 170 mu, there are 320 faculty members, among who there are 198 full-time teachers, 7 full professors, 69 associate professors; 77 teachers who have acquired master’s degree and who are studying for master’s degree, 9 teachers who are studying for doctor’s degree; 85 “double-qualified” teachers. Now there are 2704 full-time students, 240,000 books stored in the library.

There are 10 departments, 3 teaching and research departments. It has 16 specialties including storage and measurement technology of grain and oil, grain project, pre-school education, computer network technology, technology of computer application, applied electronic technique, accounting computerization, music education, commercial English, Applied English, secretary (industrial and commercial secretary), estate management, estate facility management, computer arts design (computer arts), costume design (including craftwork), decorative art design (interior design) and some others, which have formed a specialty structure which consists of science, literature, management and arts.

The college adheres to the principle that it considers specialty establishment as the core, teaching reform foremost, focus on intensifying connotation. At present, there are 2 Liaoning Province Demonstrative Specialty, 1 National Excellent Class, 3 Provincial Excellent Class, 3 School-Grade Excellent Class. Meanwhile, it was approved to be the center school for Provincial Pre-school Education Specialty Adding Experimental Skill Exam of Higher Technical School Entrance From Second Technical School; it is the exam place of Secretary and Costume Specialty Provincial Adding Experimental Skill Exam of Higher Technical School Entrance From Second Technical School; Music Education specialty is a trial specialty of Independent University Entrance Examination.